Chris and Shannon Thoma- Jamaican Wedding

Last January, Shannon messaged me asking if I would consider flying to Jamaica to photograph their wedding.  Didn’t take a whole lot of considering….in fact, I think I said yes within 30 seconds of reading it!  We’re from a tiny town where everyone knows everyone, so not only would I be able to shoot a beautiful destination wedding, but I would get to spend time with friends from home I rarely get to see. Easy decision! Then there was the year long wait…that was rough.

Shannon and Chris are one of the sweetest, most adorable couples I’ve ever seen.  When you have 46 people fly from Wisconsin to Jamaica to celebrate with you, that says a lot about the type of person you are.  Yes, 46 people!

Their day was absolutely perfect!  Their love for each other was felt by everyone and had most of us in tears…several times.  For me, one of my favorite parts was watching both Chris and Shannon read letters that they wrote to each other before the ceremony.  Watching their faces light up and the emotions flood through them while reading those letters was a beautiful sight to see.  That was just the first of so many magical moments of that day.  It’s hard to describe how beautiful it was to see Chris watch his bride walking down the aisle, or watching their first dance where you felt like you were in a scene from a movie.

Chris and Shannon, I want to thank you for choosing me to be a part of your day.  It was truly an honor to capture those magical moments for you.  I hope that in 50 years, you look back at your photos and can remember the joy you felt in that moment.

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