How To Share Your Images

You just had your session and you are SOO excited to see them!   Great! Now you want your friends and family to see.  As photographers, we want you to show everyone your beautiful self.  We just want to make sure that you respect our work as well.  What does that mean?  Here’s a few tips for you to help you properly share any images your photographer posts to social media!


Tip 1-

Share the original post.  If you are sharing an image on Facebook, make sure you share the original post.  That way your photographer can see all of the lovely comments you receive on your images!  It also helps so if any of your friends or family are interested, they can check out the photographers page.


Tip 2-

Use the photographers hashtags. (If they have any they use)  I personally use #kjpseniors on all of my senior posts on Instagram.


Tip 3-

Tag it up!  Tag yourself and any friends or family that you want to see it!  If you aren’t tagged, your friends and family won’t be able to see it and we don’t want that!


Tip 4-

Tag the photographer!  Better yet, give your photographer a little praise when you share the post!   Not only does it help them out, but it makes them feel amazing to know that you love their work!  Who doesn’t love a good ol’ pat on the back?


Tip 5-

I include in all of my packages a mobile app and include any images you purchased during the reveal session.  Make sure to take advantage of that app.  It makes it so easy to share your favorite images to your friends!



A few don’ts to keep in mind…..

Debbie downer here, while your photographer wants your images to get shared and liked and loved all over social media, they also want it to be the image THEY created, not one that got manipulated or altered. So here are a couple don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Please do not add any filters or edit the images in any way.  Photographers spend many hours perfecting your images to match with their style and quality standards.  (Also it’s usually stated in the photographers contract that this is not allowed)
  • No screenshots!  This takes the quality of the image and totally wrecks it.  It makes it look all pixelated and makes it hard to see the details of yourself.  So please….no screenshots!


Now go ahead and share like crazy!

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