Calm Your Pre Session Nerves

Are you getting ready for your senior portraits and starting to get a little nervous?  Some people aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera.  Or you could just be nervous about the unknown.  This should be a fun and exciting experience!  I really focus on getting to know my clients before the session to help calm any nerves that they may have.  The more fun that we have, the better your session will be!  So what can we do to make it fun?

Bring a friend

I encourage my seniors to bring a friend along to their session.  I do this for several reasons.  First, they can help you with anything you may need like fixing your hair or grabbing your bracelet from your bag for you.  Second, I could always use a second set of hands so it’s nice to have someone there to maybe hold a light stand if it’s windy for example.  Lastly, they can help you loosen up!  Having someone your comfortable with and can get you in a light hearted fun mood is always a great thing!  Even better if they’re the type of friend to just randomly bust out dancing for no reason!


Have everything planned

In the weeks leading up to your session, we will do a lot of planning!  I do this so that when we get to your session, we have a good game plan of the shots we want so we don’t waste any time.  On your end, make sure that you have all of your outfits planned with matching accessories at least a week ahead of time.  This will help with relieving any last minute stress of trying to shop/look for certain thing

Make a playlist

Put your favorite songs that put you in the best mood into a playlist for the session!  Music is an awesome way to help you loosen up.   A lot of my favorite shots are when my seniors are goofing around and dancing!

Get inspired

Check out Pinterest and get some ideas that you like to help you get in the mindset of your photoshoot!  Sometimes it’s fun to see other peoples sessions to help you visualize your own session.  Share your boards with me so that I can also see what types of styles you like and we can play off of those ideas.



These are just a few ideas to help you get rid of any nervous energy for your session.  Even if you are a little nervous in the beginning or maybe feel a little weird, I promise that will melt away and by the end, you’ll wish we had more time!  I hope you have a fantastic day and I can’t wait to work with you!





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